Therapeutic Techno with Matt Sassari

Celebration for the 1. year of Therapeutic Techno Sessions calls for a major league, world wide known artist, Matt Sassari.

From Wally LopezJohn DigweedRichie HawtinDubfireCarl CoxLuciano (Official Page)Maceo Plex & Laurent Garnier, Matt Sassari’s groove seduces beyond the technosphere and breaks down barriers and genres of music.
Collaborations with widely-known artists such as POPOFPatrik BergStefano NoferiniLOCO & JAMAnt BrooksMiguel BastidaGaston ZaniD-UnityEnrico Sangiuliano and releases on Terminal M RecordsBitten RecordsKinetika RecordsAlleanza or Tronic MusicSCI+TECKraftekDeeperfect and more… prove that the star, Matt Sassari, will continue to shine because the best is yet to come.



Therapeutic Techno Private Party Second Edition

“I heard it and I was just—I went to another place,”
“I was calm. I could travel. Everything just expanded.”

5th reunion brings another guest DJ from Slovenia, G8.

DJ,Producer,Remixer at Yin Yang RecordsFinder Records Adult Records, Sub Cult Techno, Jackstar RecordingsTechsturbation RecordsIntuition Recordings PTCapital Techno RecordingsKeep On Techno RecordsM-TraxVertex RecordsEve RecordsCritical OverloadInfinitech RecordsBlue Monkey Records and so on…. we could go on for another while with this guy’s huge artwork collection. He gained recognition to global audience, with his “There And Black Again” Podcast which was being ranked top 50 a dozen times.

Along G8‘s side, will be Nik Noriz and Selim, guiding the therapy with the perfect mood in the evening to the blasting groove at the peak of the night, till the morning deep sweet relaxing beats.



Therapeutic Techno meets FourFloor

Once again we met in our secret dungeon for another techno therapy.

This time we had a special dj guest, a Barcelona based Techno DJ/producer, Founder of FOURFLOOR recordings, Aleksander Great.
He is know for his dynamic techno sets that brought his monthly radio show called ”I Don’t Give an X” to be classified several times on top N°1 Beatport podcasts and being shared around the globe on radios like the giant Digitally Imported. Having releases supported from names such as Adam BeyerSven VäthRichie HawtinDubfireJoseph CapriatiMarco Bailey,Paco Osuna and more, this year a Vinyl only release on Italo Business pushed his track “Drumchord” high on chart.

Our english guest dj Damien Fisher started up the party for a crazy night, Nik Noriz was warming up the party place for the master chef, and Selim Mohamdi closed off with a smoothing relaxing techno beats to finish this sound therapy properly.



Therapeutic Techno meets Oculus Records

This month we met on 23rd of February at our secret location club of Independent Studios Barcelona, this time for a special reunion with Oculus Records.

Nik Noriz the founder of Therapeutic Techno Concept & Selim with Damien Fisher the leading force behind Oculus Records meet on this special occasion to present a live fusion of different techno styles from around the Europe. 

Our line-up was as always based on proper underground techno vibes, this month inviting Beno-San from Berlin. 

This month we also had the opportunity of having a young photographer Robin with an analog photo camera to capture the moments in the original old fashion way. Check out some of his work in the highlights of the party.



Therapeutic Techno Private Party

On 20th of January we met again at the secret location club of Independent Studios Barcelona for our first Therapeutic Techno Private Party.

As we worship and believe in music, our line-up is based on proper underground techno vibes inviting established DJs from around the world. This month we had two special guest DJs from Slovenia, Daniel Greenx and Benjamin Shock along with Oculus records owner Damien Fisher from UK, Nik Noriz founder of Therapeutic Techno Concept and Selim Mohamdi from Algeria.

You can find a recording of our MAIN ACT performance from Daniel Greenx at the following LINK.


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